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Harrisonburg, VA

The creative work of Neal Carter  -  DJ  |  Producer  |  Graphic Designer

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What i do

Focusing on unique and exciting weddings, I strive to surpass the typical DJ experience.  That being said, I am not an elitist snob!  I tailor each party to the needs of the hosts, working with them to create an atmosphere that reflects their individual taste.

I am a working DJ with 10 years of experience and music is my utmost passion.  Above all, I want to share it with you and your guests—whether that means scouring the web for that one song you absolutely love, getting your grandma to dance all night, or simply taking my job as seriously as your caterer, planner, or rental company.

Whether you are planning a party with twenty of your best friends, or a large scale wedding and inviting everyone you've ever known, I can adapt the energy and music to fit your vision perfectly.

Simply put, I want your event to be the best party your friends & family will never forget!