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Harrisonburg, VA

The creative work of Neal Carter  -  DJ  |  Producer  |  Graphic Designer

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DJ Barkley aka Neal Carter was raised in NY on a healthy diet of hip hop and rock and roll.  But, it wasn’t until he moved to Virginia, where Barkley began to cut his teeth and pay his dues as a DJ.  He divided his time hosting radio shows, spinning at local clubs, and promoting parties [most notably the long-standing No Requests parties in Virginia and North Carolina].

In the past few years, Barkley has performed up and down the East Coast and has shared the stage with some of the most exciting producers / DJs in the scene; such as Brenmar, Willy Joy, Sammy Bananas, Long Jawns (of Gent & Jawns), DJ Ayres, Jubilee, Apt One, Nacey, Skinny Friedman and Clicks n Whistles. 

His effortless style is outmatched only by his keen ear and technical versatility. As his ability to combine disparate genres into one tastemaking set, has him rattling Top 40 clubs and dive bars all the same.  Barkley stands apart from the new breed of DJ’s with the substance and talent to stay ahead of the game.