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So, Macrock is this weekend and it got me thinking about the first time I came to one, in 2004.  My then girlfriend at the time and I, drove down from school on Long Island for a few simple reasons.  To see Converge, Wesley Willis, some band that sounded like the Faint that my girlfriend knew, to get away from Juicy sweatpants for a few days, and to hang with my sister and drink beer.  I remember the ride down was completely monopolized by that Postal Service record.  And in some way, this William Fitzsimmons track kinda brings me back to that vibe.  Albeit, a bit more melancholy...the earnestness is still there.


William Fitzsimmons - So This Is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix)


Rosi Golan - C\'est L\'amour


Wolf Gang (ft CockNBullKid and Mz Bratt) - Dancing With The Devil (Shoes Remix)


New Villager - Lighthouse