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Neal Carter

podb142_01Whoa, two posts in one day is either a) unbelievable or b) unnecessary.  Whichever, I did want to balance the day out with a couple danceable party gems (imo) to counteract the snoozefest of a post below.  So, I never really got into Morrissey's solo stuff, wasn't a big Felix da Housecat fan, and alot of the Vampire Weekend stuff doesn't do it for me, although they are a bunch of snappy dressers.  That being said, I'm not too proud to give credit where credits due, three solid tracks from the aforementioned artists (and others).  Let's boogie.


Morrissey - When I Last Spoke to Carol (Toy Selectah Remix)


Felix da Housecat - We All Wanna Be Prince


The Very Best - Warm Heart of Africa ft. Ezra Koenig