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Harrisonburg, VA

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Neal Carter

My immune system is failing and I don't have much to say, other than I wonder how many rappers are stuck in a studio somewhere trying to come up with a witty Joe Paterno verse.

My new quick hitter 'Look At Me Now' goes in big quick, and before you know it, its time to make a sandwich. [audio:meow.mp3]

Neals Barkley - Look at Meow (Busta / Weezy vs Breton / Girl Unit)

This track is so fragile sounding, I feel like if I click my mouse too hard I might break its 'chorax'?  'verse-tebrae? I give up. [audio:comme.mp3]

Shine - Comme Si L\'amour

I wonder if Herman Cain ever gets tomato sauce in his mustache?  Man, real terrible name here, good song though. [audio:again.mp3]

She Said Disco - Again & Again